NVIDIA Unveils Enhanced Ray Tracing in Cyberpunk 2077’s Upcoming Phantom Liberty Expansion

If you thought Cyberpunk 2077 couldn’t get any more visually stunning, NVIDIA is here to prove you wrong. The tech giant recently showcased locations from the upcoming Phantom Liberty expansion, and they look absolutely breathtaking thanks to enhanced ray tracing.

A Technological Leap with DLSS 3.5

But that’s not all. The expansion will feature DLSS 3.5 technology with ray reconstruction, taking the quality of generated graphics and ray tracing to a whole new level—sans traditional noise reduction. It’s as if the developers have tapped into some sort of black magic, don’t you think?

What Gamers Are Saying

“NVIDIA is always ahead of the curve when it comes to graphics. AMD? They’re just trying to catch up.”

“Seriously, NVIDIA, not all of us can afford your latest graphics cards. But this leap in quality with DLSS 3.5 is something else.”

Mark Your Calendars for the Release

Take note: the release of Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty is set for September 26. The game will be available on PC, Xbox Series, and PS5.

My Two Cents

Honestly, this looks like one of those expansions that could flip your Cyberpunk 2077 experience on its head. And if you’re lucky enough to enjoy all this on NVIDIA’s latest graphics card, you’re in for a treat.

So, are you ready to dive into an even more colorful and realistic world of Cyberpunk 2077?

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