Danila “D.K.” Kashin: Insights on Nikita Efremov and Accusations Towards AndrewMADEit

Blogger Danila Kashin, also known as D.K., has unveiled a new video focusing on the case of Nikita Efremov and the surrounding hate. Danila stated that he has no intention of accusing Efremov of selling counterfeit goods, as verifying such claims is quite challenging. His critique is centered on the fact that Efremov, in his view, failed to organize his business efficiently, particularly the quality control of the sneakers being sold.

Police Inspection of “NE” Stores and Loud Headlines

Kashin noted that the police inspection of the stores under the “NE” brand, owned by Efremov, was likely initiated due to media frenzy, rather than actual violations on the entrepreneur’s part.

Accusations from AndrewMADEit: Exposing or Craving for Popularity?

A significant part of D.K.’s video is dedicated to analyzing the clip by AndrewMADEit, who was the first to accuse Efremov of selling fake products, garnering over 2 million views on it. Danila addressed Andrew, pointing out that his video contains unsubstantiated accusations and intentional falsifications.

Kashin sharply characterized AndrewMADEit’s actions as “cannibalistic”, stating that Andrew is ready to “destroy someone else’s life for views”.

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