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XCOM Legends

Жанр гри: Single player
Платформи: Android
Дата виходу гри: 15 Ноя 2023
Розробник: Iridium Starfish
Вік: 7+
Завантажень: 100000+


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XCOM Legends

XCOM Legends is a mobile role-playing game. The project is a single-player campaign. The plot is based on the destruction of a large number of enemies. The actions of this game continue the story of the first invasion that occurred about 20 years ago.

Among the key features of this game, the ability to recruit heroes is highlighted. Gradual progress in the game implies further unlocking of new multiplayer modes. And unique heroes will have special stories with their own plot. The enemies of the heroes can be fighters from a criminal organization. A competitive mode against each other is also available.


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