Warhammer: Odyssey

  • Date of release: presumably 2021
  • Platforms: Android, iOS

It is impossible to miss the emergence of a multiplayer role-playing game in the Warhammer Fantasy universe. From the first moments, the plot captivates with its originality. All events will be focused on the New World continent. The player will be able to travel from Drakwald to Marienburg, and the storyline will revolve around the Chaos Moon Morrslieb. What else the developer will surprise with is still unknown, as no detailed information is provided.

The gameplay of the mobile version will allow players to choose a character from a variety of classes. The developer suggests considering an elf archmage or giving preference to a witch hunter. Naturally, the character class will directly affect their behavior in battle, which cannot be overlooked. We believe that new quests, dungeons, and guilds will be added.

Originally, the game was planned to be released at the end of last year, but it did not happen. At the moment, there is no information about a specific release date, so it is worth visiting the official Warhammer: Odyssey page, registering, and waiting, as the MMORPG world will be unbearably hot in the mobile world. We sincerely hope for it..


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