Tears of Themis

Tears of Themis is an exciting game that combines elements of detective, romance, and adventure. The actions take place in the city of Stellis, where several civilizations collide. The game’s design is in the style of anime drawings, and the developers have only introduced a few male characters.

The plot is based on strange events that have caused a mass psychosis among the city’s residents. Law-abiding people become angry and aggressive characters. Players take on the role of a lawyer who must find out what is really happening and how to solve this problem.

The game is available for platforms such as Android and iOS, and it falls under the genre of quest and adventure. The gameplay involves investigating illegal activities, collecting evidence, and participating in court. In addition to the detective story, players can also engage in romantic encounters and dates. To find out about guides, tutorials, and news related to the game, there is a special section on the website.


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