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Rust: Console Edition

Rust / Rust: Console Edition is a cross-platform and multiplayer game developed by Facepunch Studios (United Kingdom). It is based on the Source game engine. According to the developers, Rust / Rust: Console Edition will incorporate the best elements from DayZ, Minecraft, and Stalker. It is worth noting that Rust initially started as a clone of DayZ, but over time, the developers added animals, a hunting mode, a crafting system, as well as armor and other unique elements to the game.

The main goal of the player in Rust / Rust: Console Edition is to survive at all costs, while also gathering resources, finding food, and crafting clothing. Some of these items are scattered throughout the location, while others will need to be crafted using acquired materials. Rust / Rust: Console Edition also features numerous missions, completing which the player will receive blueprints. These blueprints can also be found on killed mobs, enemy bases, etc. Additionally, the main character will constantly face threats of hunger, hypothermia, and radiation while searching for these items, ensuring that Rust / Rust: Console Edition will never be boring for you.


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