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Like a Dragon Gaiden Launch: A Geographical Quandary

Enthusiasts of the Like a Dragon series have encountered an unexpected snag: the latest chapter, Like a Dragon Gaiden, remains elusive in several countries, including Argentina, Turkey, Ukraine, India, Colombia, the UAE, and Russia. This limitation spans all major platforms — PC and PlayStation.

Xbox Scores an Unanticipated Win

While many fans find themselves barred from accessing the game, Xbox users received a welcome surprise — Like a Dragon Gaiden emerged in the Microsoft Store and is available through the Game Pass subscription. This has marked a small triumph for Xbox in these regions.

More Than Just Like a Dragon Gaiden Behind Locks

Further, titles such as Persona 3 Reload and Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth also find themselves inaccessible to residents of the aforementioned countries. All eyes are now on SEGA — it’s speculated that the company has taken measures due to the volatility of currency exchange rates in these areas.

Waiting for Official Word

As of this article’s publication, SEGA has yet to make an official statement. The gaming community is buzzing with discussion, anticipating clarifications and hoping for a prompt resolution to the availability issues of their favored titles.

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