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ARK: Survival Of The Fittest

Жанр гри: Action, Action, Action-adventure, Actions
Платформи: Android, iOS, Linux
Дата виходу гри: 29 Авг 2017
Розробник: Efecto Studios, Instinct Games
Особливості: Multiplayer, Online Co-op, Single-player
Вік: 13+
Рейтинг: 80
Завантажень: 10000000+


Купити гру ARK: Survi..
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ARK: Survival Of The Fittest is a time-limited tournament mode. It is worth noting that it was created through a system of full game conversions, so players can expect a lot of unusual and interesting things.

The presence of an interesting storyline campaign and dynamic gameplay will allow players to fully immerse themselves in what is happening. Players will have access to fast character leveling, taming dinosaurs, and battles. This game was initially available as a mode, and now it becomes a full-fledged project.

Players will fight on a limited territory in the form of an island. The main task of the player is to survive. Other players, who will stand on equal footing with the main character, will interfere. Not all items will be available, and the character development speed is increased. The main advantage of this project is that it is free, and a clever maneuver was made in favor of the storyline and dynamic gameplay.

Системні вимоги


ОС: 64-Bit Windows 7 Service Pack 1, or Windows 8/10
Процесор: 2 GHz Dual-Core 64-bit CPU
Оперативна пам'ять: 4000 МБ ОПЕРАТИВНОЇ ПАМ'ЯТІ
Відеокарта: GTX 500 or Above DirectX10 Compatible GPU with 2 GB or More Video RAM
DirectX: Версія 10
Місце на диску: 37000

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