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Account blocking in Mobile Legends in Crimea.

At the beginning of the month, a large number of Mobile Legends Bang Bang players in regions like Crimea, Cuba, North Korea began receiving emails from customer support, stating that on June 30th of this year, the game will simply stop working in their region. All those who play the game started actively searching for a solution. Since June 2, 2021, the game was removed from Google Play and the App Store. Many players assumed that using a VPN would help, but no one noticed that the email mentioned not a block but the removal of the game. Moonton provides players with the option to refund lost funds, but only for May.

In March of this year, Moonton was acquired by Nuverse, a subsidiary of the creator of TikTok. Since the company has American roots, it’s not surprising that problematic regions faced restrictions from their side.

Players who are not willing to part with their accounts and the game altogether can avoid this. The method does not guarantee 100% that the game account will remain. Residents of Crimea, North Korea, Syria, and Cuba can do the following:

  • Turn off location access for the game, which will reduce the risk of the game detecting your region;
  • Change the location in your account, but for this, you will need an application and you should follow the instructions accordingly. You must have a special application that allows you to specify a fake GPS location, and you can use any Fake GPS application for this purpose;
  • Avoid searching for allies in the game who are nearby;
  • Log in and play only with a VPN enabled;
  • Do not request refunds, as you will automatically be added to the list of accounts that developers will delete.

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