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Worms Clan Wars

Game Genre: For multiple players, For one player, Strategies, Strategy
Platforms: Linux, macOS, PC
Game Release Date: 15 Aug 2013
Developer: Team17 Digital, Team17 Digital LTD.
Features: Online Co-op
Age: 12+


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The modern game Worms™ Clan Wars brings together family and friends, allowing everyone to improve themselves. The game is exclusively available for PC, which pleases fans of high-quality graphics.

Worms™ Clan Wars is the biggest version of the Worms™ series. You will get more worms, locations, dynamic water, available weapons, and customization options than ever before. When creating Worms Clan Wars, the developer aimed to satisfy all PC hardware requirements, and they succeeded. As a result, every gamer has access to 3D visuals, impressive lighting, and new options for communicating with other players. In Worms, gamers can find almost everything they desire.

Create clans to conquer the world. By forming a formidable team in Worms Clan Wars with family or other players, you will discover new possibilities. You need to name the clan, design a special emblem for it, and then you can start your path to conquest. You can promote clan members to leadership positions. After registering the clan, you can confidently participate in the league. And who would refuse trophies?

Through WormNET, you can now stay connected with other team members. Notably, each clan has its own chat channel. Play, talk, attract – everything is possible in Worms Clan Wars.

For those who always want to stay connected, the developers have created a mobile app for iOS and Android. It has been proven by many quality enthusiasts that this is the most luxurious game on the internet.

The single-player mode is also excellent, allowing you to study the behavior features and apply your skills in a team.

The game’s storyline is diverse. For the first time, players can use clever devices based on physical processes. Single-player gameplay has become more fun and interesting, as players have gained access to various machines. The goal of the game is not to shoot and destroy everything in your path, but to build bridges that can be used to save friends.

The Steam Workshop is a tool for creative masters. If you think you can create interesting drawings, the Steam Workshop will help you unleash your creativity. With its special functionality, you can import 3D objects into the game. You can create accessories such as glasses, mustaches, gravestones, and many other items. If you want your creations to be appreciated by other players, publish them using the Steam Workshop!

Worms Clan Wars is the full-featured version of Worms available today:

– It was eagerly awaited and imagined by many Worms fans.
– The new features include clans, clan leagues, emblem creation, iOS and Android apps, browser compatibility, the ability to create custom options and items, and publish them online using the Steam Workshop. There is also the option to choose between night and day lighting. Clever devices that function according to the laws of physics can be created.
– There is a location editor for creating custom terrains.
– There are numerous options to customize your worm. Players have access to over 200 additions.
– The arsenal includes 65 types of weapons, including classic options and innovative novelties such as the “Mega Mortar,” “Gravedigger,” “Flying Monkey,” “Oxygen,” “Worm Charm,” “Cow Blitz,” “Manure Cushion,” “Teleport Blaster,” “Water Backpack,” and “Equalizer.”
– Players can choose from 4 classes of worms, each with its own abilities.
– There is the option to participate in deadly clan battles. The mode is chosen individually.
– There is a story mode consisting of 25 full missions.
– The playable area is increased by more than a third.

Play Worms Clan Wars and have a lot of fun. Try to complete the entire journey and then you will understand what makes this game special.

System Requirements


OC: Windows XP
Processor: Dual Core CPU
RAM: 2048 MB RAM
Videocard: Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT, ATI Radeon HD4650, Intel HD3000

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