Wolfenstein RPG - photo №27729
Wolfenstein RPG - photo №27729

Wolfenstein RPG

Platforms: iOS
Game Release Date: 11 Aug 2009
Developer: Firemint, id Software


Wolfenstein RPG will delight with its unusual adventure RPG genre. The creator of id Software and Firemint has catered to iOS owners by releasing a version of the game.

The game’s plot captivates with its originality – agent BJ Blazkowicz from the OSA actively fights against the Nazis. With a secret mission, he finds himself in Castle Wolfenstein, where events unfold. In the game, alongside the main character, you will discover that the Nazis are developing secret weapons, manufacturing deadly medicine, and conducting secret demonic rituals.

Gamers can enjoy 9 levels in the game, wander around the castle, or descend into the depths of the dungeons. They have access to 16 types of weapons, while 32 types of enemies await around the corner.


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