Unreal tournament 3 - photo №27482
Unreal tournament 3 - photo №27482

Unreal tournament 3

Game Genre: Actions, Экшены
Platforms: PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Game Release Date: 19 Nov 2007
Developer: Epic Games
Age: 17+


Unreal Tournament 3 is a game that outshines multiplayer battles in Half-Life and Quake. Firstly, this game is loved for its variety of modes, in which you will complete various tasks. For example, Onslaught is a mode that strongly resembles Battlefield 1942. In it, players will battle on the surface, without constant searches for exits from underground and secret laboratories with their secrets.

In addition, Unreal Tournament 3 offers unique combat vehicles. Tanks, cars, fighters, and many other means of transportation await you in Unreal Tournament 2004 to complete missions. Moreover, as the game progresses, a brutal slaughter begins between enemies, which even the developers of Half-Life and Quake could not have dreamed of.

Unreal Tournament 3 also has one unique mode – Mutant, in which you will chase one opponent like a leper. But the main difference of Unreal Tournament 2004 is that this game unites different gamers who are used to something specific. And all this is accompanied by high-quality voice acting, fast music, and a sea of adrenaline.

“Unreal Tournament 3” is a computer game, an action game, developed by Epic Games. The release of this game took place in November of the distant 2007. The game was very popular at the time. Even now, people still play it. According to the Metacritic website, “Unreal Tournament 3” has a rating of 84. This game was released on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms.

It is very interesting. If you feel like playing a “Unreal” series, then download it and enjoy. “Unreal Tournament 3,” like other games in the series, still deserves your close attention.


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