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UVnJXg - photo №6617

Ukrainian fArmy

Game Genre: Action, Racing
Game Release Date: 22 Feb 2022
Age: 16+


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The meme about Ukrainian tractors hunting down Russian military vehicles has gained tremendous popularity, extending beyond amusing images on social media. In fact, a Ukrainian developer (known as “ukrainian” on the renowned indie game platform itch.io) has created a game called Ukrainian fArmy, where players assume the role of a Ukrainian farmer tasked with locating and towing Russian trucks and tanks back to base.

Unlike other games on this topical subject, Ukrainian fArmy boasts impressive 3D graphics. However, the gameplay itself is relatively straightforward. Players control the tractor using the WASD keys, attaching enemy vehicles with the Q key, and maneuvering towards the base while evading explosions. The objective is to secure six pieces of enemy machinery within the given time limit.

Ukrainian fArmy offers clients for Windows, Mac, and Linux, available for free download from the official webpage. The developer selflessly donates all contributions to volunteers and non-governmental organizations supporting Ukraine. Additionally, they provide direct donation options to the “Return Alive” fund and the official account of the National Bank of Ukraine for humanitarian aid to those affected by Russian aggression.

In summary, Ukrainian fArmy stands out among games addressing current events, presenting a visually appealing experience. While the gameplay may be simplistic, the underlying purpose of supporting Ukraine and aiding its citizens affected by Russian aggression adds a meaningful layer to this game.


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