True Crime: New York City - photo №27393
True Crime: New York City - photo №27393

True Crime: New York City

Game Genre: Actions, Shooters, Экшены
Platforms: GameCube, PC, PlayStation 2
Game Release Date: 15 Nov 2005
Developer: Luxoflux


Adventure in the style of GTA with an open world, fairly accurately recreating the locations of Los Angeles in the first part, and New York in the second. Not only the freedom of action is reminiscent of GTA, but also the similar graphics and gameplay, third-person view, abundance of vehicles (for example, a limousine with a hatch from which you can shoot), enemies (killers, drug dealers, mafia), and there are also random driving missions. The duology was released in 2004-06, it has mediocre graphics, weak physics, but it has its own charm and atmosphere.

The gameplay is enriched with elements such as:
– Police interrogations and searches.
– Reputation. How the player solves story problems affects the attitude towards the main character.
– Alternative ending that takes into account the failure of the main quest.
– Plenty of interactive objects.
– Funny dialogues with references and humor.
– Martial arts that come to the rescue when verbal arguments and bullets run out.


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