Tropico - photo №27371
Tropico - photo №27371


Game Genre: Simulators, Strategies, Космос, Симуляторы
Platforms: iOS, PC
Game Release Date: 01 Apr 2001
Developer: Feral Interactive, PopTop Software


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The well-known game Tropico is now available on Android devices! In this game, you will play the role of a young dictator who has been given the honor of leading an entire island! In the game, you will have to deal with a large number of problems. You will need to decide whether to build another building or road for the local residents or transfer money to your personal bank account! Also, don’t forget about the political relationships with other countries…

Game features:
– Develop and improve Tropico: from its roads, buildings, and people to its military, trade, and international policies.
– Turn Tropico into the country of your dreams: a thriving tourist paradise, an industrial center, a police state, or all of the above!
– Count the votes in elections, tame the unruly, manipulate public opinion, and reward your loyal supporters…
– Take full control with a new intuitive interface and gameplay mechanics designed and enhanced for mobile devices.
– Get the keys to the presidential palace with a one-time payment and play without worrying about any in-game purchases.


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