The Witcher - photo №27254
The Witcher - photo №27254

The Witcher

Game Genre: Role
Platforms: PC
Game Release Date: 24 Oct 2007
Age: 17+


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The Witcher is considered the first part of a series that tells the story of Geralt, who arrived from Rivia. He found himself unconscious on the field after a battle and now he needs to restore his memory and then help the emperor’s daughter. Otherwise, she will turn into a terrible monster. On his way, he will encounter an enemy.

He must help all the world factions find peace with each other. Thanks to the flexibility of the combat system, you will be able to adjust Geralt’s actions to a specific model. The combat is very fast-paced, so you will be able to defeat enemies faster than usual. The strong fighting style allows you to destroy enemies with quick attacks, while a more calm approach is suitable for fighting multiple enemies. You will be able to create potions yourself that will give excellent advantages: night vision or something else.

The storyline model itself will also remain unique. The game will not provide a definitive definition of evil, so the player will be in a comfortable situation where the choice can remain bad in any case.


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