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The Witcher Adventure Game

Game Genre: Adventure, Strategy
Platforms: PC
Game Release Date: 27 Nov 2014
Developer: Can Explode, CD PROJEKT RED


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The Witcher Adventure Game is a digital version of the popular board game. The action of the digital version takes place in a mythical reality. During your interesting journey through the world of the Witcher, you will have the opportunity to fight various dangerous monsters, solve riddles, and complete quests.

You can play as one of the well-known book characters: a monster hunter, a great sorceress, a warrior, or a bard. Each of these heroes has unique abilities that help them overcome any challenges. You will have a choice: to continue the battle, start using magic, or try to negotiate.

Throughout the game, you will explore a fascinating reality where new exciting stories unfold. The Witcher Adventure Game is based on the imagination of a famous writer who has made this world unique. The gameplay will definitely captivate you. You can play multiple times, and each time it will surprise you even more.

Game Features

  • The game rules are very simple, and the gameplay mechanics will be understandable to any player.
  • There are 4 heroes, each with many different skills and abilities that help them solve tasks excellently.
  • There are around three hundred playing cards and about thirty monsters.
  • The game design will remind you of the universe of the famous Witcher version.
  • There are several convenient game modes: you can play against any character, even your friend. You can play on different devices or together on one device.
  • There is a convenient achievement system, and the names of leaders are listed in a special leaderboard.

System Requirements


OC: Windows XP SP3
Processor: 2.0 GHz Dual Core Processor
RAM: 1024 MB RAM
Videocard: Integrated Graphics
Disk space: 500

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