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The Day Before

Game Genre: Action, Actions, Adventure, Adventures
Platforms: PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox S
Game Release Date: 07 Dec 2023
Developer: Fntastic

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The Day Before is an open-world post-apocalyptic universe that incorporates survival elements. The project was created by the company Fntastic, based in Yakutsk. The game takes players into a world ravaged by a global pandemic, with infected zombies roaming the streets. The game features both PvE and PvP elements, with the main enemies being other living humans who fight for valuable resources.

To survive in this post-apocalyptic world, players must find friends or temporary allies. The game includes camps where players can rest and exchange valuable resources with other players for money.

The Day Before is a third-person shooter with a hardcore gameplay experience, according to the developers. Based on the trailer, characters can be killed by just a few bullets. The game bears similarities to Ubisoft’s realistic graphics, setting, urban locations, and apocalyptic atmosphere.

Players will have control over their character’s body temperature, thirst, and energy levels. The game also allows players to control various types of vehicles. The developers have stated that the game will be exclusive to PC.

The Day Before is a modern post-apocalyptic game with survival elements developed by Fantastic, a Russian developer based in Yakutsk. It is set to be released on PC in the second quarter of 2021. The game’s storyline revolves around a global outbreak of infection that turns people into zombies, leading to a fight for remaining resources. Players will need to form alliances with other survivors, establish camps, and engage in trade. Other players will also act as survivors, allowing for safe interactions.

According to the developer’s description, players will need to maintain their character’s vital parameters, including hunger, thirst, body temperature, and energy. To survive, players will need to explore the open world and find necessary resources in abandoned skyscrapers and cars, as well as empty gas stations. Neglecting any of these parameters, such as not adjusting to the weather or finding food, will result in the deterioration of the character’s health. It is not possible to go hungry for a long time in the game. However, there is free food distribution in the city which is not completely deserted.

However, players should not become too obsessed with gathering supplies, as an overloaded backpack increases noise levels and attracts hordes of zombies. It is also advisable to use binoculars to explore interesting objects from a safe distance.

In essence, The Day Before is a third-person shooter with a storyline similar to Ubisoft’s MMO, The Division, released in 2016. However, shooting and defending against bullets will not be enough. In addition to weapons, the protagonist will also control various types of vehicles and navigate through swampy rural areas.

In The Day Before, players will have the ability to customize their character’s costume and equipment. Fans of post-apocalyptic games will enjoy the colorful urban landscapes of American cities, highly detailed cars, and realistic graphics.

System Requirements


OC: 64-bit Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i5-8400 or AMD equivalent
RAM: 16384 MB RAM
Videocard: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 or AMD equivalent
DirectX: Version 12
Disk space: 56320


OC: 64-bit Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i7-8700 (3.2Ghz) or AMD equivalent
RAM: 16384 MB RAM
Videocard: NVIDIA GeForce 1080 Ti or AMD equivalent
DirectX: Version 12
Disk space: 56320

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