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The Battle for Ukraine

Game Genre: Action
Platforms: Android
Game Release Date: 11 March 2023
Developer: SnZGames
Age: 16+
Downloads: 50000+


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“The Battle for Ukraine” is a browser-based strategic mini-game about the Russian-Ukrainian war.

“The Battle for Ukraine” is a small browser-based turn-based strategic mini-game similar to RISK. The player needs to move Ukrainian Armed Forces units from one region of Ukraine to another in order to drive the invaders out of our land.

In one turn, the player can either move troops or attack the enemy. There is an additional challenging mode called “without penalties for orcs for absurdity”. Please note that losses in defense are less than losses in attack.

The game starts from the current date and approximate current deployment of forces. Try to drive the Russians out of Ukraine as soon as possible.


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