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Team Fortress Classic

Game Genre: Action, Actions, For multiple players, In-depth story
Platforms: Linux, macOS, PC
Game Release Date: 01 Apr 1999
Developer: Valve, Valve Software


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Team Fortress Classic is a popular online team-based action game released in 1999 as a modification of Half Life. There are two teams involved in battles: Red and Blue, each with 10 available character classes including scout, sniper, spy, demoman, medic, and more. Each class has unique abilities and uses different types of weapons.

The game offers a variety of modes depending on the type of map, each with its own mission. For example, players may need to capture a flag or a control point, escort civilians, or protect certain targets from enemy fire. It is even possible to play soccer by killing opponents to take possession of the ball. Overall, most maps are taken from Counter-Strike. The game attracts players with its dynamic gameplay and team cooperation, where each player’s actions influence the mission’s outcome.


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