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Final DOOM

Game Genre: Action, Actions, For one player, Shooters
Platforms: Classic Macintosh, PC, PlayStation
Game Release Date: 17 June 1996
Developer: Casali brothers, id Software
Features: Online Co-op
Age: 17+


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“Final DOOM – a classic shooter from the cult game series “DOOM”. This game was developed by id Software.

Your team was conducting research on the satellites of the planet Jupiter. Suddenly, a spaceship was spotted on the radar, gradually approaching the base. Who could have thought that this ship would become the doom of your entire crew. An incredible number of monsters landed on your base and started killing. All your comrades were either killed or turned into the same monsters. In general, it’s horrifying. You are the only one left. You have no choice but to do everything to save the base and your life. To stop this invasion, there is only one way out: secretly infiltrate the complex and kill the main demon there, called the Gatekeeper. And after that, you must quickly close the last portal to hell. Because the risen ones do not sleep and can come out at any moment.

This is a true classic in the world of shooters. It has been over a decade since its release, but even now many gamers fondly remember how they crushed demons in this game.


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