Door Kickers: Action Squad Artbook - photo №23676
Door Kickers: Action Squad Artbook - photo №23674

Door Kickers: Action Squad Artbook

Game Genre: Action, Casual, Indie, Simulation
Platforms: PC
Game Release Date: 08 Apr 2020
Developer: KillHouse Games, PixelShard


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Door Kickers: Action Squad is a retro-style side-scrolling game that puts you in the role of a special forces officer. You will be kicking doors, killing bad guys, rescuing hostages, and blowing everything up with beautiful pixel graphics. But one thing to note right away: it’s a challenging game. But there’s a plus – you can play it in co-op mode with a friend!

The premise is quite simple: first, you need to choose one of the available special forces members. The game offers several different options, each with their own unique weapons and abilities. Playing through the game with different characters will change the course of the game and increase its duration.

Each level starts with your character preparing to storm a building. Most of them are not very tall, and some have multiple basement levels. Speaking of doors, you’ll have to break through a huge number of these obstacles. Some of them are locked, some are guarded by enemies, and some will require a key card to unlock.

The enemies in Door Kickers: Action Squad are predictable, but the game doesn’t forgive tactical mistakes. You’ll be attacked with knives and guns, shotguns and rifles. Some enemies wear suicide vests, some are protected by armor, and some simply deceive you with their appearance.

The game supports both single-player mode and cooperative mode for two players. Door Kickers really shines in co-op mode. Each new level brings aesthetic enjoyment from overcoming difficulties and the opportunity to unlock new characters.


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