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Day of Defeat

Game Genre: Action, Actions, For multiple players, For one player
Platforms: Linux, macOS, PC
Game Release Date: 01 Maya 2003
Developer: Valve, Valve Software
Features: Online Co-op


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Day of Defeat is a multiplayer first-person team-based action game set during the events of 1944. Players will participate in the battles of the Great Patriotic War on the front lines, choosing their specialization as a sniper, rifleman, sergeant, machine gunner, and more. The game is based on the film “Saving Private Ryan,” from which some voice elements are even borrowed.

There are several game modes available, including capture the flag, capture the objective (buildings or vehicles), destroy the target (with explosives), capture the item (stealing secret documents), and more. The game features maps with episodes from the Western Front of World War II, such as Omaha Beach, the Italian operation “Avalanche,” and key battles in the USSR, adding realism to the gameplay. Players can play alone or with a team online, with access to 15 original maps.


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