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Cozy Islands – craft & build

Game Genre: Casual, Management, Simulation
Platforms: Android
Game Release Date: 27 Apr 2023
Developer: Tetrox Limited
Age: 3+
Downloads: 50000+


Download game Cozy Islan.. Google Play

“Go back to childhood with Cozy Islands – a unique game for all ages!”

Cozy Islands is an exciting game that allows you to revisit your childhood and experience the magic of your homeland once again. In the game, you will need to restore your village and bring it back to life after many years of neglect. As you travel around the island and explore its uncharted corners, you will encounter old residents who will help you rebuild the village and create the perfect place for relaxation.

Cozy Islands is not just a game about construction and renovation, but also a game about taking care of pets. You will be able to have your own pet, who will assist you in your daily tasks and support you in difficult moments. Build new houses, clear overgrown areas, and feel like a little child again!

Cozy Islands is a game for all ages that allows you to forget about the everyday hustle and enjoy the beauty of nature. Create your own island and escape the city bustle with Cozy Islands!”


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