Call of Duty: Roads to Victory - photo №14708
Call of Duty: Roads to Victory - photo №14708

Call of Duty: Roads to Victory

Game Genre: Actions, Casual, Shooters, Экшены
Platforms: PSP
Game Release Date: 13 March 2007
Developer: Amaze Entertainment
Age: 17+


Call of Duty: Roads to Victory (COD: Roads to Victory) is a legendary continuation of the game series. This first-person shooter set in World War II aims to show what really happened many years ago. The author attempted to depict the war as realistically and truthfully as possible.

Players will have to compete against numerous enemies while trying to stay alive. Victory will be far away as Germany has deployed massive forces to defend the created second front. The war will be long and brutal. The best squads of prepared soldiers are ready to engage in battle, and the commander, the main hero, will have to give orders that will determine the course of events.

The game features 3 campaigns, each consisting of 14 missions. Players will control different heroes throughout the game. The missions are unique, so players have not encountered anything similar before.


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