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Alien Shooter

Game Genre: Action, Actions, Indie, Indy
Platforms: Android, PC, PlayStation
Game Release Date: 15 St 2003
Developer: 8Floor, 8Floor Games
Age: 16+
Rating: 78
Downloads: 100000+


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Alien Shooter – this game is infused with the emotion of fear. And you’ll feel it right from the beginning. The game realistically portrays this primal and intangible terror. It combines two main genres, Survival and Horror, creating an epic experience. The game includes many references from Alien Isolation, capturing the most vivid elements from the film. But there are no clichés or banal details here. Every moment will bring new and intense impressions that will stay with the player for a long time.

Understanding the game will come as you progress through it. The story revolves around Amanda Ripley, who needs to escape a space station captured by the Alien. You’ll have to navigate through various sections and complete missions. The presence and approaching of the monster, who wants to feast on the main character, is strongly felt. Every squeak and awkward movement can send shivers down your spine. This was precisely what the developers intended when creating the oppressive atmosphere.


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