Top 10 free games on the App Store and Google Play

Gamers often criticize Google Play for the low quality of free games that end up on this market. However, after looking at the top projects on iOS and Android, we realized that if there is anyone to criticize in this matter, it is Apple fans. They also face the low quality of free games in their marketplace.

According to the Similar Web site, the most popular game in the Russian App Store is Save the Pets: Save Dog. In this hypercasual game, the player must create a defense around the dog to prevent it from being eaten by bees. The game is broken into levels and is popular with players. More well-known franchises are only found in the 7th position, including Roblox, Standoff 2 and PUBG Mobile. The remaining positions of the top 10 free games on the App Store are occupied by niche projects that are not suitable for premium console and PC gamers.

According to Google Play, the top 10 free games include Brawl Stars, which has been blocked in Russia. Roblox is in second place, followed by Clash Royale. The top five closes with Subway Surfers and Genshin Impact. All of these games are F2P, but are of high quality not only for mobile gaming, but also for console gaming.

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