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Heroine Fasha in Mobile Legends: Description and abilities.

Heroine Fasha was born with a special blood type and belongs to the ancient race of crow people. She possesses tremendous magical potential and is capable of killing numerous enemies in mere seconds. Her abilities allow her to freely traverse the map while dealing massive damage to enemies.


  • Passive skill (Spiritual Unity) – once every 10 seconds, the heroine can enter a unique hunter mode. She can deal damage equal to 160+80% of her magical power, and the enemy will be slowed by 60% for one second;
  • 1st ability (Curse of Crows) – the heroine can cast a spell in a specified area, dealing damage to the enemy equal to 300+120% of her magical power. If the target is marked, the skill can be used again;
  • 2nd ability (Energy Pulse) – the heroine can release energy in the specified direction, dealing damage equal to 425+145% of her magical power;
  • Ultimate ability (Taken from the Air) – Fasha can ascend for 8 seconds and deliver 4 strikes to the chosen area. Each strike deals damage equal to 620+160% of her magical power. The skill can be interrupted or canceled;
  • Additional skill (Wing to Wing) – the heroine transforms into a bird, moving 80% faster for 5 seconds. In this state, she can completely ignore various obstacles.

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