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Hero Popol and Kupa in Mobile Legends: Description and abilities.

In the heart of the Northern Valley, there lived a nomadic tribe. Among them was a mischievous boy named Popol. He dreamed of becoming the most legendary hero, a tale he had heard of even in his early years. Popol had no friends, and one day he made the decision to change his life by leaving his village. His goal was to slay the Ice Wolf to gain fame. Wandering through the forest, he noticed a dug trap and fell into it. Awakening in the pit, he encountered a pair of glowing eyes in the darkness. The wolf was injured, and its paw was caught in a trap. The hero named the wolf Kupa, who became his friend. He saved him from starvation by sharing his food. Popol and Kupa were always together, fighting enemies without ever parting ways. Abilities:

  • Passive skill (We Are Friends) – the hero and the wolf fight together, with Kupa not taking damage for 5 seconds and regenerating 10% of his health. Upon the wolf’s death, he can be summoned again. The wolf strikes the enemy 4 times, and Popol’s next basic attack deals 200% damage to the enemy;
  • 1st ability (Bite ’em, Kupa!) – Popol throws a spear at the target, dealing 40 + 100% of the hero’s physical attack damage, with Kupa leaping onto the target, dealing 240 + 60% of the hero’s physical attack damage;
  • 2nd ability (Kupa, Help!) – the wolf can assist the hero by tossing enemies into the air and slowing them for 0.6 seconds. During the connection, Popol gains a shield that deals damage equal to 240 + 120% of the hero’s physical attack;
  • 3rd ability (Popol’s Surprise) – the hero can set up 3 traps, each of which lasts for one minute. If an enemy steps on a trap, it immobilizes them for one second, and the trap explodes, slowing all nearby enemies by 35%;
  • Ultimate skill (We Rage) – Popol and Kupa enter a state of rage, lasting for 12 seconds. They gain +30% attack speed and +15% movement speed. The wolf can fully restore his health and gain +2000 to maximum HP and +50% to physical attack.

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