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Hero Hufra in Mobile Legends: Description and abilities.

Hufra ruled a small town located in the desert. It’s worth noting that his rule was extremely harsh, and everyone knew him as a tyrant. He attempted to conquer the Monian Empire, but he needed help, which he sought from astrologers. To help the hero fulfill his dream, he was endowed with magical power. Waging wars across Western Europe and seeking to conquer lands, he would gain power that was inaccessible to ordinary mortals. Eslora decided to free her beloved from human hatred. One night, she came to the ruler, and after embracing him, she began to cast a curse. Hufra felt his strength leaving him, so he tried to break free. The girl’s magic did not allow him to do so. The hero was imprisoned in eternal slumber in a beautiful crypt, where she buried him. Hundreds of years later, something unexpected happened. The war of spheres managed to awaken Hufra, and after breaking free from captivity, he decided to finish what he had started. Hufra’s abilities:

  • Passive skill (Curse Spell) – every 12 seconds, Hufra activates a curse that can increase the radius of his attacks. He can deal magical damage equal to 120%, and the enemy will be slowed by 30%;
  • 1st ability (Tyrant’s Revenge) – the hero can jump in the specified direction, and upon colliding with enemies, he deals damage equal to 80 + 10% of his maximum health;
  • 2nd ability (Bouncing Ball) – Hufra transforms into a ball that can jump 4 times, with each jump dealing magical damage equal to 30%;
  • Ultimate skill (Tyrant’s Fury) – the hero pulls enemies in front of him, dealing damage equal to 300 + 100% of physical attack. Additionally, the enemy will be slowed for 2 seconds.

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