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Hero Helcurt in Mobile Legends: Description and abilities.

Helcart belongs to a mysterious race that, in the distant past, made the decision to sacrifice their souls to the Lord of the Abyss. In exchange, he decided to endow them with great power. The bodies of these people were transformed, and the power of dark magic began to consume them. Their bodies were covered in needles that could release poison. Just getting close to them meant certain death in agony. According to the chronicles, the whole world believed that this race had vanished from the land, but it turned out to be far from the truth. Helcart is an elusive assassin who can make all mages weep.

  • Passive Ability (Racial Advantage) – Enemies dealing damage to the hero will be silenced, preventing them from using skills for a couple of seconds. This ability triggers once every 4 seconds for a single enemy;
  • 1st Ability (Shadow Transference) – The hero teleports to a specified location, dealing damage to an enemy equal to 150+70% of physical power. Enemies within the skill’s area will be silenced for 2 seconds;
  • 2nd Ability (Deadly Blades) – This skill has two stages: each attack accumulates poisonous blades on the hero, with a maximum of five, and the active ability allows the hero to throw the accumulated blades in front of their enemies, dealing damage equal to 250+100% of physical attack for each blade;
  • Ultimate Ability (Nightfall!) – The hero summons Nightfall, reducing the enemy’s vision radius by almost 100%. It also increases movement and attack speed for 8 seconds.

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