Hero Harley in Mobile Legends: Description and abilities. - photo №73599

Hero Harley in Mobile Legends: Description and abilities.

Harley studied magic at the Lion Academy, and he was known by almost everyone because he learned quickly and was favored by the Goddess of Magic. He loved adventures and would often set out to explore the jungles with his friends, but he decided to do it at night. In the forest, he overheard a conversation among dark mages discussing their latest conspiracy. The brave youth decided to stop them and began to monitor their activities. During his search, he accidentally activated a spatial portal and found himself on the other side of the Lands of Dawn. Harley’s abilities:

  • Passive skill (Master of Magic) – Harley’s basic attacks can deal damage equal to 60 + 50% of his magical power;
  • 1st ability (Poker Trick) – the hero throws 3 sets of cards, each of which can damage the enemy for 150 + 25% of his magical power;
  • 2nd ability (Space Escape) – the hero can teleport to a specified location, significantly increasing movement speed by 30%;
  • Ultimate skill (Deadly Magic) – the hero can throw a ring of fire that deals damage equal to 200 + 60% of his magical power.

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