Hero Baxia in Mobile Legends: Description and abilities. - photo №73733

Hero Baxia in Mobile Legends: Description and abilities.

In the eastern lands of the Lands of Dawn, there was a hidden settlement. One day, assassins arrived in this land, seeking to capture Baxia, but using his power, he managed to defeat them. The hero sets out to the Valley of Dragons to help his teacher overcome evil and atone for his past mistakes. Baxia’s abilities:

  • Passive skill (Unity Shield) – the hero hides within his shield and begins to roll. If he hits an enemy, he deals damage equal to 280 + 55% of his magical attack. Upon reactivation, the hero will leap upwards and be able to deal 380 + 75% of magical power damage;
  • 1st ability (Spirit Shield) – the hero throws his shield in a specified direction, dealing damage equal to 125 + 120% of his magical power;
  • Ultimate skill (Turtle’s Might) – Baxia can increase his movement speed by 30% and create lava on his path, dealing damage to enemies equal to 50 + 30% of his magical power.

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