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Hero Atlas in Mobile Legends: Description and abilities.

In the lands of dawn, there was an uncharted place considered a forbidden zone. At the very bottom lay the remains of destroyed and abandoned civilizations. In this place, Atlas, who possessed incredible power, was imprisoned. Over time, all the imprisoned beings faced a deadly worsening of their condition. In order to survive, they began to seek a way to leave the depths of the ocean and reach the surface. Atlas understood that he needed a shell that would help him leave the ocean. After many days of searching, he managed to find a mechanical guardian, and after merging with it, he was able to escape. Once on the surface, he did what he had longed for in the depths, so he began to learn and practice first and foremost. Abilities:

  • Passive Ability (Cold Breath) – Atlas can use any of his skills, thereby surrounding himself with cold breath for five seconds and increasing his attack by 50%;
  • 1st Ability (Annihilate) – The hero can strike the ground and create several waves. Each wave deals damage to the enemy equal to 260+60% of magical power;
  • 2nd Ability (Perfect Match) – Atlas can enter an extracted state, increasing movement speed by 40%, and he can deal damage equal to 320+80%;
  • Ultimate Ability (Deadly Chains) – The hero can throw chains at enemies, dealing damage of 225+75% magical power, and enemies will be slowed by 40% for three seconds. By using the skill again, he can deal damage equal to 320+120% magical power.

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