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GTA 5. Unlocking the Beast. About golden peyotes and Bigfoot mission.

In the latest part of GTA, there are 27 standard hallucinogenic cacti. Besides them, there are golden ones too! Finding them can be quite challenging, but believe me, it’s worth it. So, what makes golden peyotes so special? Well, thanks to them, you can become not just an ordinary animal but a real Yeti! And if you collect all the peyotes, a new mission called “The Bigfoot vs. The Beast” is unlocked. It was added as an easter egg to the Power Play update.

Is it easy to access “The Bigfoot vs. The Beast”?

Absolutely not. Here’s a list of conditions that must be met:

  • The game must be completed;
  • All regular cacti must be collected (there are 27 of them);
  • The mission “The Last One” must be completed;
  • You can only trigger it when there’s fog or snow outside.

Of course, you can cheat by using a trainer. This will speed up the collection process, but it might reduce the excitement. Is it worth using such a shortcut? It depends on you.

Collecting all the golden cacti

The golden peyote is a special hallucinogen in GTA 5 that turns the main character into a real Bigfoot! And if you perform specific actions in the right order, you can even unlock the Beast in Director mode.

Finding one golden peyote is not a problem. But collecting all the special cacti is a real challenge. First, to unlock the Beast, you need to collect the peyotes in a specific order, at the right time, and in suitable weather conditions:

  • Cactus #1 – Sunday, during;
  • Cactus #2 – Monday;
  • Cactus #3 – Tuesday;
  • Cactus #4 – Wednesday;
  • Cactus #5 – Thursday;
  • Cactus #6 – Friday;
  • Cactus #7 – Saturday.

The right time to collect the golden peyotes is from 5:30 to 8:00.

If you collect peyotes in the wrong order or violate any of the mentioned rules, all your efforts will be in vain. The Beast won’t unlock. Keep that in mind!

After eating the first peyote and becoming a Bigfoot, press the CTRL key if you’re playing on PC or L3 if you’re using a console. This will make you roar. Turn off the music so you can hear the roar in response. Follow it to find the rest of the peyotes.

The “The Bigfoot vs. The Beast” Mission

And now you have the last golden peyote in your hands. What should you do next? While in the Yeti’s body, consume all the remaining golden peyotes. Voila! The mission “Bigfoot vs. The Beast” is triggered. There are two stages in this mission. In the first stage, you need to search for NPC corpses and wrecked cars around Blaine County. In the second stage, you’ll face off against the Beast himself.

Use headphones to complete the first stage because it involves responding to roars. To fight the Beast, you need to find nine dead NPCs in a row. Keep in mind that the locations of the bodies are random.

According to the storyline, you’ll end up in a place where airplanes retire – on their graveyard. That’s where the last tenth body is located. After that, the real action begins. Just like in the best superhero movies, night falls, and it starts raining before the final battle. Note that your opponent, the Beast, is not an easy target. He has a hundred thousand HP. You can defeat him, but only if you’re invincible. If you lose, you’ll have to restart the mission, and you’ll spend more time looking for lifeless NPCs.

We recommend using cheats or trainers. The reward is worth it! After defeating the Beast, you can play as him. Simply enter Director Mode (in the Rockstar Editor), select “Wild Animal” from the available animals, and press CTRL+SHIFT if you’re on a PC or L3+R3 if you’re playing on a console. There you go! Now, instead of the Bigfoot, you’ll play as the Beast!

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