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How to get a patrol in CS:GO?

In the game “CS:GO,” there is a patrol system that helps developers combat unfair play. Since many players are eager to install cheats in the game, this patrol helps track these users and monitor them.

It’s great that developers have made it possible for any honest player to become a patroller. You can also become a patroller. If you want to learn more about it, read on.

What is the CS:GO Patrol and How Does It Work?

As mentioned earlier, the patrol is needed to deal with dishonest players, specifically those who use cheats. To distinguish cheating from fair play, developers appoint regular players as patrollers who will help them combat such users. Of course, to differentiate between cheating and fair play, sometimes you need an experienced and sharp eye. Therefore, players with extensive gaming experience and good skills are selected as patrollers primarily.

If you become a patroller, during a game, you can spot a player who needs to be investigated. You can review match replays to carefully examine the suspected player. However, there’s a catch here. These replays can be viewed not only by you but by all patrollers. A player will be punished only if the majority of patrollers conclude that the user is a cheater.

How Does the Patrol Conduct Investigations?

A special in-game system brings players to the attention of patrollers. However, this system only highlights users who have received the highest number of reports from other players. As mentioned earlier, patrollers review players through match replays. Patrollers do not have access to chat and voice recordings, so they assess the player’s actions.

After each investigation, patrollers make judgments. There are three types of decisions:

  • Insufficient evidence: The player does not engage in any prohibited actions in the video.
  • Minor offense: Patrollers make this decision when a player behaves inadequately during the game.
  • Serious offense: This verdict is given when the user has been observed using cheats. If investigators make this decision, they must specify which cheats the user is employing.

How to Become Part of the Patrol?

To join the patrol, you need to have significant gaming experience, and your rank should be no lower than Gold Nova I. You should not commit any offenses during gameplay. If you meet these criteria, the developers will select you.

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